Parent Quotes

“A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for way for others.”
– Author Unknown

VGM Parent Quotes

parentquotes_imageBelow are some quotes from letters of recommendation that we have received. You can Click Here to read the complete letters.

When seeking a preschool for our boy and girl twins, my wife and I combed the Libertyville area in search of the best possible placement for these extremely important formative years. My wife and I, with over 20 years in education both as educators and as an administrator, knew what we wanted to find in this first school to send our children. Some might say this time in the life of a child is one of the most critical, their learning and understanding of the world growing by leaps and bounds daily. Their sense of discovery, of utilizing new knowledge and abilities, and developing an understanding of right and wrong blooms during this time period, and we wanted to find a staff who were invested in nurturing these values and helping our children to become the people we want them to be. Our expectations were high.

We visited several different sites and programs and interviewed several directors. None were even close to what Ann Phillips and the Village Green Montessori staff offered us. From our first moments meeting Ann and sitting in one of the classrooms to watch the students learning, we knew we had found our school.

There is a comfort that pervades every aspect of Village Green. As a parent you know your child is safe, is challenged to new lengths of discovery, and is in a place where their development is always the focus. From the mouths of our children their excitement as they talk about their day makes us wish we could attend ourselves.

Our children were placed in separate classrooms, and while the teachers and assistants are very different, they all come from the same Montessori ideas and values. It baffles us to this day that somehow each of these highly talented educators is exactly the right teacher for each of our children. Our son jumped right into the experience while our daughter had a hard time separating from her mother, something the school worked with us on and now that is a distant memory. Our daughter caught on to the beginning elements of reading very quickly, while our son is more interested in hands-on discovery. To see the smiles, excitement, and encouragement on the faces of their teachers each time they interact with our children is more than we could ever hope to witness.

On top of all the school has to offer, the Village Green community is also warm and inviting. The more we get to know parents who have already had a child go through the pre-school experience, the more we hear them speaking fondly of missing Village Green and how much the time there met to their children. We could hear no greater compliment.

I am sure there are many other fine pre-schools in the northern suburbs, and we feel so very lucky to have found one so close to home. My best advice is to make your decision of pre-schools an important one and consider visiting Village Green. I am confident you will find the atmosphere and the staff as amazing as we did. As educators we realize the supreme importance of schooling and could not recommend a better place to watch our children grow.

Eric and Abbey Olson

I am in awe at how much Scotty has grown both emotionally and intellectually since he started at VGM…much of it is due to you and your incredible staff he has become a nice and respectful boy. The teachers seem to have an endless amount of patience! And, you have an amazing way of knowing just the right thing to say or do to make everyone feel at ease.”

Barb Patterson
They’re excited to go to Village Green in the morning and they’re excited to tell us about their day when they come home – it’s amazing the knowledge and new ideas they tell us about each night. Our children are quite different in the way they learn and respond to new ideas….each of them is handled in a manner best suited for their individual character, personality and development style. This personal attention and guidance makes them feel very special and us feel very fortunate….We looked long and hard to find the perfect place for our children to begin their outside learning. Village Green is a fantastic combination of Montessori teaching styles blended with a fun-loving and caring environment. We couldn’t be more pleased with our choice and would highly recommend Village Green Montessori to anyone looking for a great start for their child’s learning process.”

Kyle and Joanie Sauers
“You have created at Village Green an incredibly rich and nurturing learning environment…the staff truly cultivated his desire and interest in learning. One of the most impressive and unique aspects of your program is how much importance is placed on fostering respect and community within the classroom.”

Stephanie and Eric Klein
“We searched high and low for the ‘right’ preschool since we moved to Green Oaks….When we observed Ann’s class for the first time, we knew we found what we were looking for. We loved the rich curriculum in the classroom that is not only available but is taught with enthusiasm. Ann is energetic, affectionate, intelligent, social, wonderful at multi-tasking, and determined. She obviously knows how to select the best teachers for her school….The teachers here are conscientious enough to know the day-to-day happenings of each student. Each teacher plays an integral role in making VGM an exceptional school. They are passionate about our children and our children reciprocate their adoration….The cozy atmosphere of the school and the close relationship between teachers and parents make the school a natural extension of the family. Excellence, dedication, and love are what make VGM an exceptional place. We have been so fortunate to have finally found a gem in the heart of Libertyville.”

Toni Kwon
The past year has been one of tremendous growth for Jack…Your program has taught him to refine and build on his fine motor skills, letter recognition, organization, number recognition and how to spell his name….he has learned respect, responsibility and what it means to be a good friend. These lessons have resulted in a great sense of pride….Your tireless efforts and attention to detail have created an environment that has allowed Jack’s self confidence to soar….program that generates a wonderful sense of enthusiasm in the students….We could not have asked for a better start on his educational journey.”

Maureen and Michael Freeman
The academic opportunities at A Village Green Montessori are great. Ann Phillips and her staff know how to excite the children about learning. My son has intensively pursued topics he is passionate about, and he has been encouraged to explore and learn about many other subjects….Ann and her staff have been incredibly kind and generous with us parents as well, dispensing advice and offering support, lending an ear whenever one is needed. This school is a place where the whole family can grow.”

Marianne Maes
“At the end of my daughter’s preschool experience, I noticed that she was going to need more of a challenge than a half-day kindergarten program. My first impression of Village Green was that it had a loving and warm environment. There was a lot of learning going on, without it feeling rigid. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her year of Kindergarten Enrichment. She recieved so much individual time with teachers as she learned to read and wanted to write her own stories. She talked about new experiences like doing yoga, science experiments, and replicas of famous artists’ masterpieces…the most important thing to me is the loving environment at VGM. I can only attribute that to the incredibly committed staff and their vision to treat each child lovingly.”

Cyndi Benner

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