Special Programs

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”
– Albert Einstein

Special Programs


VGM offers a variety of special programs to enhance your child’s development, skills, and creativity! To better understand these programs and their curriculum, each of our teachers have written a summary about their teachings.

Yoga Program

Our yoga program uses a fun and creative approach that can be very helpful for busy children whose bodies are developing.  The use of yoga postures and basic stretching promotes flexibility, strength and body awareness.  Breathing and visualization techniques teach children how to focus, relax and develop self-control. Kids will improve concentration, stimulate their imagination, and release energy in a safe and fun environment.

Discover Science

Children have been called “natural scientists”.   They are curious and seek out problems to solve.  Discover Science is an enrichment program that allows kids to explore their world in a fun, interactive way.  During each session, the class will experiment to discover why things happen as they do.  The lessons are designed to teach basic science skills – such as reasoning, predicting outcomes, creative thinking and problem solving using fundamental scientific principles.  Through exploration and discussion, the students will learn that science is part of their everyday lives and that hands-on discoveries are a lot of fun!

Music with LeAnn Malecha

LeAnn brings her love of music to Village Green Montessori. She leads students in activities that include proper singing, movement to music, rhythm and beat performance and also introduces them to different styles
of music and how it all relates to the fine arts (drama, visual art, dance). This special integrates music concepts with the fine arts and also with other subjects such as literature and math.


We introduce children to age-appropriate Spanish vocabulary by involving each student in songs, engaging games, arts and crafts and many other language-building activities.  Having the children feel comfortable with the language and in participating at their own pace is also a goal set for each student.